LaserVia Library

Technical Articles

‘Material’ MATTERS – Printed in PC Fab December 2001

Blind Microvias Technology by Laser  Presented at NEPCON West ’99

Optimizing BGA to PCB Interconnections Using Multi-depth Laser Drilled Blind Via-in-Pad  Presented at Surface Mount International 1998 and reprinted in Circuit World

Defining the Production Role of Laser Technology in PCB Fabrication into the Millennium  Presented at European Printed Circuit Convention in Wiesbaden, Germany, 30 September 1998 and reprinted in PC FAB Jan. 1999

Multi-Depth Laser Drilled Blind Vias for Increased Circuit Density – Presented at European Joint Conference 1998 in Paris, France

Designing and Fabricating Multi-Depth Via-in-Pad PCB’s: Production – Presented at IPC Expo ’98 and reprinted in Future Circuits, Issue 3

Creare fori ciechi a diverse profondità in ambito produttivo – Presented at the Italian European Printed Circuit meeting in Genoa, Italy ~ March 1998 – PLEASE NOTE : THIS PAPER IS IN ITALIAN!

Putting Blind Vias in SMD Pads: “Where they Belong” – Presented at Surface Mount International 1997

Introducing Via-in-Pad Blind Via Technology to Any PCB Multilayer Fabricator– Presented at IPC Expo ’97 and reprinted in PrintedCircuit Europe ~ Nov/Dec 1997

Multi-depth Blind Vias in Surface Mount Pads for BGA, µBGA, QFP and CSP – Presented at IPC National Conference: Solutions for Ultra High Density PWB’s 1996