LaserVia® Drilling Systems are the interconnect future
of the circuit board and thin film photovltaic industry.

At the heart of LaserVia® there are patented and proven solutions to the problems presented by the demand for increasing numbers of smaller microvias in complex, high density printed circuit boards (PCBs) and photovoltiac (PV) interconnections. The patented drill-on-the-fly technology is unique and available on a system currently for sale.

To reach the next level for improving the component density and electronic functionality of today's multilayer PCB's and PV interconnections, LaserVia® uses a cost-effective, variable depth laser technology to accurately drill blind microvia interconnections at unparalleled speed, complexity and cost savings.

LaserVia® Drilling Systems are inexpensive to run and easy to control, and can drill large, small panels and reel-to-reel.

LaserVia® Technology is for sale including a fully functional large panel laser system (Pathfinder 2000) plus a patented and newly designed laser system set to be fully automated with extremely high drilling rates (vias per second). Five issued patents and the trademark, LaserVia® are available along with the purchase of Pathfinder 2000.

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